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Why will Funtime NOT Set-Up with Uninsured Competitors?

If you rent mechanical rides or higher-priced inflatables from Funtime, please be advised that we will NOT set up our equipment if there are inflatables fom another company also present even if the equipment if donated by another inflatable company. 

If you rent inflatables from both Funtime and a competitor or you receive donated equpiment from another inflatable company, please be advised that the competitor's equipment must be properly secured with stakes or sand bags as well. If we arrive and see a safety problem with the competitor's equipment, we will NOT set-up our equipment until the competitors equipment is either removed or properly secured. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! This if for your safety, the safety of the participates, and ours.

BE SURE YOUR RENTAL COMPANY HAS PROOF OF INSURANCE!! Funtime has liability insurance with complete coverage on every piece of our inventory not just some of our equipment. One of the tricks rental companies will use is to tell the insurance company they only have one bounce or slide etc... thereby lowering their insurance expenditure, however, when an accident occours the insurance company will find out that the rental company has more than one inflatable and their insurance will be null and void...


Deposit: A 50% deposit is required for ALL FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS!!!! Once you have established a rental relationship with Funtime you will not be required to make a deposit....

Credit Card: All major credit cards are accepted. There is a 3.5% charge for                       paying with credit cards.

Check: Checks are accepted. Customers can pay on delivery with check with            proper ID (DRIVER'S LICENSE NUMBER, CONTACT PHONE NUMBER, AND            BIRTHDATE PUT ON CHECK)

Cash: Cash is accepted and preferred method of payment.



Fun Time Event Services cannot guarantee weather conditions, and if the equipment is delivered by Fun Time and accepted by customer, the customer shall be responsible for the rental.

In case of rain or severe weather conditions (high winds exceeding 20mph) during your rental date, customer is allowed to cancel the same day as delivery without any cancellation fee. Customer must call office by 8:00am on the day of delivery to cancel reservation. If customer decides to cancel the order once a Fun Time driver has arrived then 1/2 the rental is due to pay employees who have already gone through the work of loading, delivering, and unloading. FUN TIME RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CANCEL ANY RENTAL DUE TO SEVERE WEATHER CONDITIONS!!!


Equipment cannot be moved by customer after placed and anchored by Fun Time Employees. Equipment will be anchored initially by Fun Time and the anchors MUST NOT be move during period of rental. Never use inflatable during high winds, gusty winds, thurnderstorms or lightening. The equipment can turn over in high winds, even if anchored, and this could result in severe injuries to users.  ALWAYS follow the manufacturer's guidelines located on the equipment.

Customer is responsible for supervising the safety and conduct of all participants using Fun Time Event Services equipment. Before entering the equipment, participants should remove their shoes, eye glasses, jewelry, belt buckles and any sharp objects. No eating or drinking inside the equipment. ABSOLUTELY NO SILLY STRING IN OR AROUND THE EQUIPMENT. Silly String will damage the vinyl and the apperance of the unit causing permanent damage. Customer will be responsible for the full replacement value of the equipment and/or assessed a $200 cleaning fee if equipment is determined not to be permanently damaged.



Water Slides require a water hose (not provided by Fun Time) within range of the setup area (within 100ft.). Water should be turned off when the water slide is not in use...



Please be ready to inform the driver of any underground lines such as sprinkler systems as this may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor the equipment. Customer assumes responsibility for any damage to underground equipment or landscaping resulting from the installation or use of the equipment.








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